• Ryan Calleja Urry

MUSC Are Upgrading UOM Sports Faculties & Winning Trophies - Here's Why You Should Join 🏈 🎾

MUSC - or Malta University Sports Club - are a group created for students with the intention of modernising UOM faculties & getting Maltese students excited about sports. It's been an uphill battle, but they're now thriving & students are joining each week, this is their story...

A Sports Revolution 🏈

"In our first season, we won the cup tournament, which made us the first university team to ever win a trophy.

MUSC was founded with the intentions of breaking the chains of sports apathy within the University Of Malta. With poor facilities and a dying culture of inter-faculty events, we wanted to bring back the love of sports to university students.

To do that, we needed an environment where students could actively participate in different sports while studying. The football team was only the tip of the iceberg, we continued by adding sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball & running. Hudson group also sponsored the project & provided equipment for all sports."

The Footballing Fairytale 🎢

"I remember it like it was yesterday - Just 1 week before the start of the footballing season we made a last-ditch decision to join the league - we didn't have players yet, but we had tonnes of ambition.

With 7 days left, we had to somehow put together a super last-minute squad, How did we do it? We booked a pitch during fresher's week and made an open call for people to join. Sure enough, we had around 30 players show up at Melita on a sunny September day just 2 days before our first-ever league match...

Just like that, a new team was born." 😁

Want To Join Our Journey? 🏅

MUSC organize bi-weekly sessions & always welcome new students who would like to join the teams. Over the last 5 years, they've had 115 players who've been from 20 different nationalities, so they're super welcoming!

All you have to do is send an email to president@musc.org.mt or you can also message their official Facebook page here ❤️