• Ryan Calleja Urry

Medical Students Practicing At Mater Dei Finally Given Higher Priority For COVID-19 Vaccine 🥳

COVID-19 Vaccine For UM Healthcare Students 💉

An ongoing conversation has sparked worry recently concerning the high number of University students that have been attending Mater Dei as part of their course...

Safety Precautions Needed 😷

Many have been arguing that since these students are in regular contact with patients, much like medical workers, then they should qualify to be prioritised for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Not only do the students' work pose a danger to their friends & families, but worse still they pose a danger to the vulnerable they are treating. We cannot have students regularly entering our national hospital and putting everyone at risk...

Luckily, Students Stepped In To Add Some Pressure 😇

Many student associations have stepped in to make their voice heard on the above issue, releasing multiple statements on their respective Facebook pages calling for students to be prioritised in Malta's vaccine rollout schedule.

MHSA for example, generated a lot of buzz when one of their most popular posts achieved over 200 shares, as well as a recent post by KSU which was backed by multiple medical associations which achieved 50 shares.

Voices Being Heard 🥰

Guess what? We're here to happily report that it seems progress is being made on the above fronts! In fact, an email is currently being sent out to students from UM that's confirming that they are being considered for the COVID-19 vaccine priority list.

Students are being told to respond to the email on an opt-out basis - whereby students are automatically scheduled to take the vaccine unless they specify otherwise.

Back To Safety 🙏

Thankfully, it seems a decision has been reached regarding medical student vaccinations and priority will indeed be given to these students, our voices have been heard!

While we do complain a lot about students being ignored and left in the dark, it's important to celebrate these victories when we get them - stay safe guys ❤️

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