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McDonald's Launch New Advent Calendar Filled With Amazing Offers Leading Up To Christmas 🥰

Time For December Comfort Food 🤠

Obsessed with McDonald's? You're in luck...for the month of December, leading up to Christmas, McDonald's is releasing a brand new special offer every single day 🤯

All This Fun In One Place 🔥

You can find all of these exciting offers coming out on the official McDonald's App where you can find plenty of other offers too, like a free fries upon sign up 😎

As of 1st December, the first offer has been released, a full pack of 20 Chicken McNuggets for just €5.50! You can expect more great offers like this one too, from discounts on various burgers and combo meals 🤩

All these delicious offers will be running until the 24th, exclusively on the McDonalds App...

Through the app, you'll also learn about many different McD initiatives, like their Straws on Request campaign that's aiming to reduce plastic use & continually improve the sustainability of all McDonald's packaging and products.

Whether you're on iOS or Android, you can find the app here 👈

Nothing Tastes Better Than Saving Money 💰

Well, almost nothing 😉 In our opinion, some crispy & salty McDonald's fries, a bite of their delicious nuggets or flavourful burgers taste even better.

Enjoy your savings! Also, keep in mind that each offer will only last 1 day, so keep your eyes peeled on the McDonald's app every day to stay up to date with what's new 👀

An offer a day keeps the hunger away 😉

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