• Ryan Calleja Urry

McDonald’s Are Hiring! Here’s A Quick Look At Our Experience On The Job

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Whether you're looking for some extra cash, or you just want to give your CV a good shining with an international & globally recognised brand - think McDonald's


FreeHour On The Job 👔

This week, McDonald’s were kind enough to let us in on the behind the scenes to creating a couple of their legendary recipes - showing us the do’s & don’ts of working at one of the biggest quick service chains in the world.

It was a full session of assembling juicy burgers, delicious fries, and pouring up some mouth-watering cappuccino’s & nocciolino's.

We even served some customers ourselves! Putting on the full McDonald’s uniform and working with a high-functioning and diverse team of professionals to provide a stellar service.


The McD Guarantee 🍔

Working at an international brand like McDonald’s is always an amazing opportunity, not just for your CV, but for your experience.

The workspace itself is also a great atmosphere, with team members that are highly trained in every role, forming a cohesive team that have each other’s backs at every turn. The best part is that McDonald’s are super flexible with their shifts, even if you have exams, you’re free to stop working for a month or two and return to your job with no questions asked!


Great Food & Better Company 🍟

A big thank you goes out to McDonald's for inviting us over, the experience was second to none - and we'll definitely be returning for a burger soon...

Apply today if you're interested!


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