• Ryan Calleja Urry

MCAST Students Furious As Final Results Still Not Published, 1 Week Before New Applications Open 😱

I swear this happens every year 😅

In today's edition of 'students somehow being left in the dark yet again' - we have MCAST coming under fire for not releasing student results.

Not only are the results late, which in itself is a very big source of annoyance, but the applications for the next scholastic year open up in less than a week. Yikes.

According to one student who initially spoke with Lovin Malta, "they’re always saying they’re going to publish the results soon, but they never do.” 😟

This situation is completely unfair on those planning their futures ahead. This sort of thing shouldn't happen to anyone working on their academics. We feel your pain guys 😕

If you're sitting home desperately waiting for that one message to come through, please stay patient. Your classmates are all in this with you, you'll get through it ❤️

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