Students Speak 🗣 MCAST Students Give Mixed Reviews On How Their School Is Handling Coronavirus 🤔

Following the recent official statement regarding examinations, re-sits, dissertations & more was spoken by Minister Owen Bonnici, students at MCAST are wondering how their school will be tackling these issues too...

Until official clarification, we asked students a few questions regarding how their experience with this situation has been so far.

We are also working on a full explainer article which will be published in the coming days! 💯

Students Speak On MCAST & Digital Learning 💻

Question 1) - Are you having online lectures? Are they efficient?

Answers: According to students, some lecturers have their online lessons set up well and are working smoothly, however, others seem scattered and "unprepared".

Question 2) - Is the school communicating with students appropriately?

Answers: Several students have claimed that the school is communicating well, however, a few have said that they've been left in the dark, only receiving "vague and corporate responses".

Question 3) - Do you have more work than usual?

Answers: Multiple students have reported similar workloads, with a few students saying there's been more due to the situation. It seems to be mixed.

In Summary: From the above mixed messages, it seems that the quality of communicaiton very much depends on the course a student finds themselves in, since some students report excellent online lectures & consistent updates, while others report the opposite.


If you're an MCAST student yourself, below is a quick sample of the FAQ's from the MCAST website, to address the most common questions you may have.

1) I have work/study travel planned in the coming days. Should I still go?

All MCAST-related international travel for work/study is postponed. Please follow all the travel advice given by the authorities. You should also avoid non-essential travel to the list of countries as listed by the health authorities.

2) What is MCAST doing about the coronavirus situation?

MCAST is taking all the necessary preventative measures and following guidance from the Maltese health authorities. The MCAST Health Support Committee was set-up to coordinate MCAST’s response so that immediate action is taken in all circumstances.

3) I'm anxious and worried, what can I do?

We understand that these are challenging times and you may be feeling anxious, angry and confused. Please reach out and seek help immediately from our Student Services.

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