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MCAST Engineering Students Finally Able To Obtain Their Warrants Following Years Of Complaints 👷🏼‍

Courses Improved 📚

If you weren't aware, obtaining a warrant is a crucial step in the education process as without it one cannot use their studies to get a job.

Following years of criticism of MCAST's engineering courses, which have not been eligible for a warrant due to poor quality, it seems steps are finally being made in the right direction...


Searching For A Solution 🔍

Over the past several years, there's been a consistent back and forth between engineers and education authorities about how up-to-par the MCAST engineering course is.

According to the members of the Engineering Profession Board, the MCAST courses are "far from equivalent" to other engineering courses that are run not only by other European universities - but by the University of Malta too.

Luckily, German engineering standards consultancy firm ASIIN have been commissioned by the government to assess the MCAST course and recommend changes to it.

Following their feedback, Engineering students at MCAST can now finally get their warrant by completing a pre-warrant qualification course - approved by Malta's engineering board.

This progress didn't come easily though..

In a statement made on Tuesday, Malta's government said that this amendment has brought to an end the injustice suffered by students who have been graduating since 2013.

Just last year in fact, a court held an injunction for the engineers’ union against the Engineering Profession Board.

This came following a judicial protest filed by two past members of the board, who noted an “abusive and divisive” attitude held by the board chairperson - who was refusing or ignoring their repeated calls for information and consultation.


Change Being Made ✅

Thankfully though, progress has clearly been made, and justice has finally been served for students who have been voicing their concerns for years.

Following these legal moves, our government said in December that all engineering courses at MCAST are being actively revised, to make sure they're fully up to academic standards.


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