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Matthew Paris Details His Life As A Student & Activist Living With Schizophrenia

A Very Real Condition 💛

In our recent Spotlight episode, Matthew started by describing daily life with his condition. Living with schizophrenia & psychosis means that he faces 8-9 hallucinations daily, resulting in him experiencing a very different reality to most people.

Each of Matthew’s hallucinations is a character with their own unique characteristics & habits when he hears or sees them.

In fact, he said how these hallucinations feel just as real to him as real people do.

A Long Journey 🚶‍♂️

It started at 15 for Matthew, and he’s been dealing with hallucinations ever since.

Despite the struggle, Matthew says that his condition may be just like someone dealing with diabetes - there are ways to fight it & there are things he needs to do to make sure he safeguards his mental health on a daily basis.

He has to fight back against the voices he hears that are calling out his insecurities & fears. His advice can apply to anyone struggling with negative thoughts of self-doubt & insecurity, regardless of any mental health condition.

Staying Strong 💪

Matthew is a testament to the fact that you never know what people can be going through, as these conditions are often invisible. If you bumped into Matt at a bar, you would never realise the struggles he goes through on a daily basis.

Matthew opened up about how he was close to suicide at one point, and how he's very proud of himself for getting through that rough period in his life. He’s learned a lot & has come out much stronger.

He concluded by saying just how positive of an impact you can have on someone’s life by just being there for them & offering a helping hand.

You can watch the full video below!

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