• Ryan Calleja Urry

MATSEC Release Vital Update Regarding September Examinations Amid Coronavirus Fears 😷 ✍️

Following concerns from students over this past week, MATSEC have officially released a statement regarding the future of examinations...

This MATSEC statement came just 4 hours after student body SDM issued a long-form public letter addressing student concerns and unanswered questions 👇

In the above post, SDM speak out about students being left in the dark, asking "is there a plan in place that will not put students at a disadvantage?"

One would hope that, considering revision sessions have been shifted online in order to limit crowds, that there would be at least similar practices taking place with regards to the upcoming examination sessions. Interestingly though, that doesn't seem to be the case.

According to the above, the upcoming "special session" of exams will take place as per usual, granted with added security measures due to COVID.

Unfortunately, there does still seem to be some uncertainty in the air, what with our recent spike in cases and all. As a student though, you should take the above statement as fact, and spend the next month that you've got focusing hard on getting the grades you deserve.

If anything, events being cancelled = more study time 😎 🎓


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