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MATSEC Exams STILL Not Cancelled Despite Spike In Cases - Here Are 6 Arguments & A Few Solutions 🤔

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This week, Malta has yet again recorded multiple days with very high case numbers, now bringing us up to a total of 486 active cases.

In other words, O & A-Level students are in big trouble.

MATSEC Exams - Necessary VS National Danger ⚠️

3 arguments for exams taking place:

#1 - Cancelling exams will disrupt the education system - what will happen to students? Will they enter Uni provisionally? Or go to uni a year late?

#2 - Let's say exams are cancelled now, if cases calm down by exam day, the cancellations and added hassle would have all been for nothing.

#3 - There is a way to do exams safely - all invigilators can get tested regularly, classes can be extremely small (less than 10 students per class), security outside and inside halls to make sure no groups form whatsoever, special conditions for vulnerable students where they can do their exams at home under the presence of a hazmat invigilator etc.

3 arguments against exams taking place:

#1 - We're currently suffering the worst period of Coronavirus in Malta so far, meaning that forcing thousands of students into close proximity of each other may well cause cases to skyrocket if measures are not properly enforced.

#2 - Students who are under quarantine or forced into quarantine mid-exams will be unfairly disallowed from achieving the grades they deserve.

#3 - Students face high anxiety and stress while performing exams - surely, the stress of a global pandemic, not to mention the possibility of being in a class with a COVID carrier, will impact the focus and performance of countless students and harm their grades.

Possible Solutions 💡

Disclaimer: These are not perfect solutions, there are many elements and factors at play here and we do not claim to have all the answers, these are merely suggestions to inspire conversation and debate among students and officials in charge. We need a plan.

#1 - Online examination sessions, "open-book" style, similar to the system that was already used during the May sessions at the University of Malta.

#2 - If exam papers have already been printed, send these papers by post and students will send back their scanned answers or the paper with answers.

#3 - Students can enter University on probation, where they'll have to do extra tests and exams in order to fairly pass their year.

#4 - Lecturers can be asked to give a statement on what they think the student would get as a grade based on previous results, if students aren't satisfied, they have to do their exam.

Following student fears & general unrest, KSU has also released a statement asking MATSEC for answers, such as giving students a plan B as well as at which point said plan B will be implemented 👇

How You Can Make A Difference ✍️

If you think exams should go on as usual, then there's not much you can do but wait. If you're on the side of exams being cancelled, there are a few things you can sign 👇

There are 3 separate petitions you can find: here, here & here 📝

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