• Ryan Calleja Urry

Mass Events BANNED Alongside €50 Fine For Not Wearing Masks In Newly Released Guidelines 🚧 😷

Lockdown Closer Than We Think? 👀

Following a 6 hour-long meeting between multiple gov. officials like Charmaine Gauci, Robert Abela and Chris Fearne - many points regarding new COVID guidelines have been released.

The 5 New Regulations 😷

#1 - All mass events have been cancelled, except weddings, for some reason.

#2 - While in shops, buses, airports, as well as any mode of sea travel like the Gozo ferry, the wearing of masks is mandatory. A fine of €50 will be issued to all found without a mask.

#3 - Old people's homes will have far stricter measures in place. Visiting hours will be reduced, perspex barriers will be added, and carers will be tested more often.

#4 - There will be 2 new swab centres being set up in order to facilitate higher testing.

#5 - If you have COVID-19, or have possibly come into contact with someone who has, quarantine is mandatory.

Too Little Too Late? 🤔

Dr. Robert Abela has said that he feels the above restrictions offer a balance between maintaining public health and quality of life for the people of Malta.

Dr. Martin Balzan however, who is president of the Medical Association Of Malta (MAM), has strongly objected against one of Robert's proposals, with regards to weddings taking place.

This objection is backed up by the Centre of Infectious Diseases in America, who have said that Malta is at, "high risk". The objection is also backed by the fact that Malta's case rate is currently the 9th highest in all of Europe.

Sitting for your exams soon?

The new MATSEC regulations can be found here 🎓