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Mandatory Masks 🚨 Breakdown Of NEW Covid Restrictions & An Unhappy Medical Union 😤

What's goin' on? 🧐

Over 1,300 active cases and rising daily. Malta has found itself in quite a sticky situation.

With uncertainty on the horizon, everyone seems to be looking towards Prime Minister Robert Abela and Health Minister Chris Fearne to produce some hope.

Read on for a breakdown of the current situation, with a recap of the restrictions, exceptions on restrictions, and the current verdict on these choices 👇 👀

New Restrictions 😷

The new restrictions are out, here's what's happening;

  • Masks must be worn EVERYWHERE, including offices.

  • Bars and Restaurants to close at 11 pm

  • Testing for COVID-19 will be enforced on 28th October, for incoming passengers (airport), healthcare workers, educational institutes, and elderly care homes.

  • Fines will remain at €100, which will be reduced to €50 if it is paid before being taken to Commissioner for Justice. Though Robert Abela threats that he is not afraid to increase them if needs be.

Exceptions 🤐

There are a couple of exceptions to the new restrictions, if you're not 100% sure where to wear a mask or if you need to be tested keep reading 😯

Where can I take off my mask? 😷

  • While you're at home.

  • In your 'personal' car.

  • When alone in your office.

Other Exceptions, regarding wearing a mask? 🤔

1 - When doing exercise.

2 - People with respiratory conditions.

3 - Children younger than 3.

4 - When delivering a public speech.

5 - When authorities need identity verification.

6 - Medical treatment.

7 - People with behavioural conditions.

8 - Eating out.

When do all these restrictions come into place?

Monday 19th October.

Malta Medical Union Shares Their Thoughts 😡

While these measures seem to be positive for reducing the spread of the virus, most people aren't thrilled. Many are saying that the urgency of the situation requires more abrupt/serious actions to be taken. In fact, the Malta Medical Union had a few things to say... 👀

"We welcome some of the measures announced yesterday, however, we remain very sceptical and unconvinced on the willingness to enforce them by the government."

MAM are also certain that the worst is yet to come saying that we are, “yet to see the worst of this epidemic"...and with another 142 cases yesterday they might not be wrong 😭

Lastly, they concluded by pushing for the possibility of another potential lockdown, saying that if these measures fail there'll be "no option left except lockdowns and curfews as has happened in Spain, France, and the UK".

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