• Daniel Tihn

Maltese Students' Favourite Bars Across The Island

It's late. You had a long day at school, did 2 Othello essays, and are knackered. Your friend calls you asking if you feel like going to grab a couple of drinks, you look at the time and think about how much sleep you are gonna get for tomorrow's lectures and say fuck it, everyone needs a social life, right? But where should you go?

Well, on Instagram, you guys voted which are the bars that you recommend, so let's take a look at what we found.

1. The Anvil Pub

As students go to PV on their weekly drunken pilgrimage, flocks of students can be spotted near and in Anvil's as they try to get plastered as fast and cheaply as humanly possible. Not only does Anvil's support this national past-time, but it also guarantees that you will meet up with old friends you haven't seen in awhile and catch up, or see someone you don't like and spend the rest night bitching about them to the rest of your group.

2. Zmerc Pub

A stone's throw away from San Anton Gardens, this English style pub is perfect for a night of watching football, drinking beer, and eating chicken wings with a couple of friends. The atmosphere feels friendly, and you always feel welcome as they give you free nibbles when you buy your drinks to ensure that you keep coming back. While Zmerc is normally quite full, you can usually find a table to sit down and enjoy the rest of your relaxing night.

3. Beer Cave

In the basement of the former palace of Capitano Giacome de Robertis in Valletta, this restaurant styled pub is perfect for a night of chatting and laughing. As you sit down and relax, you instantly become part of the atmosphere, and while you may find their drinks a bit pricey, it doesn't bother you too much as the night passes in an enjoyable and calming blur.

4. The Pub

From their decor to their patrons, The Pub seems to capture the true essence of English-styled pubs. This small and comfy drinking well is littered with patron-centred decorations such as photos of Liam Gallagher and news clippings of Oliver Reed from the night he died in The Pub. After you leave, your experience may not stand out as the most amazing night ever, yet you always seem to want to go back to The Pub's homey ambiance and feel.

5. City Bar

City Bar is the kind of pub that screams Malta. With it's very affordable drinks, you will be immersed in a proper Maltese atmosphere, including in it's food selection of ftajjar and the like. While it may not be the most student bar on the planet, this bustling old school bar is good for a fun night of forgetting about exams and ignoring all of your other responsibilities.

If you think we missed any good bars, list them down in the comments, and also don't forget to vote in our next Instagram poll or question.