Maltese Man With No Rowing Experience Plans To Row The Atlantic To Honour His Brother's Life ❤️

Steve Chetcuti, 50, and a crew of five others have begun training for their Atlantic adventure. They'll be raising money for three charities, two of which are dedicated to helping cancer sufferers and their families. Steve’s brother, Mike, died nearly two years ago at the age of 51.

“I lost both my father and brother to cancer, not to mention cousins and friends. It’s heartbreaking,” he says.

“I want to undertake the challenge to honour my brother’s life. He fought hard right until the end and it was really amazing – and at the same time devastating – to experience the courage he showed, the determination, the desire to live and the fight against his illness and his final acceptance of death.”

Steve, pictured after running a marathon

Steve and his crew are aiming to beat the currently held record of 48 days, if they make it, they'll be the first Maltese group to row from mainland Europe to mainland South America. It definitely won't be easy though...

"The biggest fear I have is the mental challenge during the trip. While it is obviously physically demanding, the mental toil can become unbearable,"

“We can also get hit by storms. If this happens, we’ll close the hatches and cram into the two cabins on either end of the boat and sit it out. It’ll be like being stuck in a washing machine for anything from a few hours to a few days,” Steve explained.

“I'll have the support of an experienced skipper, but when you're 2,000 kilometres out in the middle of the ocean, unfortunately, you can’t just get off and go home."

Although that thought is tough, Steve is trying to focus on the positives, looking forward to the sunrises & the sunsets, the fresh air and the distance from technology. Steve is hoping to collect €30,000 for Hospice Malta, as well as the two other charities based in Switzerland where he now lives and works.

“€30,000 may be ambitious, but so is rowing across an ocean. I’ll take care of the rowing and I hope that people help me take care of the donations. I’m paying all expenses for the trip myself, so 100 per cent of what is collected goes straight to the charities.”

The first time he had the idea of doing a row was back in his youth when he planned to row around Malta in a bathtub with a friend to collect money for charity.

“We never got down to doing it, which probably was a good thing as we were not prepared for something like that at all.

“This time, I will be,” he says.

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