• Jamie Dent

Maltese Government Breached EU Law By Discriminating Against Foreigners Over €100 Vouchers 🇪🇺🚫

Prime Minister Robert Abela's quick u-turn on the €100 vouchers yesterday seemingly was NOT a change of heart in response to the public's outrage, but was apparently a decision forced by EU law.

Maltese authorities are NOT allowed to discriminate against other EU citizens on the basis of nationality - decisions to treat somebody differently to a Maltese national must be based on lawful considerations & cannot be discriminatory.

The Maltese government's initial decision that only 'Maltese citizens eligible to vote' will receive the €100 COVID-19 vouchers appears to amount to direct discrimination contrary to EU law, which would be why the decision was changed hours later.

If you're an EU citizen and you ever feel discriminated against on the basis of your nationality, please contact the Maltese Equality Body by email on equality@gov.mt or over the phone on 2295 7850.

Source: EU Commission's public legal service 🇪🇺

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