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Double Your €300 Internet Gov. Vouchers With EPIC Discounts That'll Change Your Year! 🤩

Did Someone Say FREE?! 🥳

If you're a 6th former, you're in luck! The Maltese government just recently announced that they'll be offering €300 to certain students to be able to redeem as free home internet!

With EPIC, you'll be able to redeem this €300 in 4 unique ways (shown below) AND you'll get another €300 in freebies!

The 4 Ways To Redeem The First €300 Are:

As you can see, each option is value-packed with amazing internet options - after you make the choice that's best for you, you'll then benefit from EPIC's additional €300 offer!

EPIC'S Offer 🧨

The way the offer will work will be as follows - the Unlimited Mobile Plan (Epic's Standard Plan) will now be priced at just €19.99 /month for 2 years (normal price for this plan is €29.99/month).

Alongside this discount, which is worth €240 over 2 years, you'll also get a €60 discount on any new phone or tablet with monthly instalments starting from as little as €3.99 / month.


Okay Sooo How Do I Redeem The Offer? 😍

Option 1: Fill in the form at www.epic.com.mt/govscheme & you'll be contacted by an agent


Option 2: Visit any one of Epic's 7 stores and apply in person 🤗

*please make sure you are accompanied by a parent or guardian if you are under 18*

Thanks EPIC 💓

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