• Daniel Tihn

Maltese Apps For Maltese People: Everything You Need To Survive On Our Tiny Island

According to COSTANSIN, there are 366 apps currently developed for us Maltesers. With more and more apps being made every day in the hopes at making our lives easier, we are spoilt for choice when figuring out how to solve our first world problems. Whether it comes to ordering food or travelling around the island, there are so many options out there that it can get a little confusing as to which one to use.

Here is a quick rundown of useful apps that can help you through your day.

Move Bak

Move Bak offers the solution to the eternal problem of boredom. A cute and fun game, Move Bak lets you become a Maltese bus driver in a quirky and stylistic world. Simple controls and cute music, this Maltese app should be as popular as Piano Tiles.


Need to get around the island in a slow, inefficient, and unreliable way? Want to stand next to some sweaty dude who clearly doesn't know what a shower is? Say no more fam.

Time to Eat

"Hungry and fancying takeaway? I like my orders to be quick and easy, that's why I use Time to Eat, Malta's number one way for takeaway and delivery. It's free to use and features the same prices you will find in store with frequent discounts available."


Paddly allows you to go to the beach and not worry about where you are going to leave your bag, phone, and wallet. Using their lockers, you can store your things safely and easily, never leaving anyone behind to look after the towels.


GoTo lets you rent out one of their electric cars for €0.28 a minute, never having to worry about fuel, insurance, or parking. Cheap, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly, GoTo is an excellent way at getting around our bustling island.


Instead of renting a car, you could rent a bike and cycle around the island with your friends, enjoying the views and the summer heat. With so many stations around the island, it's super easy to combine your travel with some exercise.


It goes without saying that FreeHour is the best app on the island. Student offers, events, jobs, videos, articles, memes, what more could you want in your life. If you don't know what FreeHour is then why tf are you reading our blog?

Tell us in the comments some of your favourite apps that help you with your day to day. 📱