• Ryan Calleja Urry

Maltese App Wins Big At Innovation Summit After Hitting 10,000 Downloads With International Launch

FreeHour, Malta's largest student platform for University & college students has just launched overseas in Italy. The app allows students to share their timetable with friends in order to facilitate finding common free time to meet up on campus.

In addition, FreeHour also boasts many bonus features, including: Weekly Student Offers, Lecture Reminders, Assignment and Stipend countdowns, and a large list of Student Jobs provided by KeepMePosted.


FreeHour now have over 80% of all Maltese students using their app, and after months of planning, the time has finally come to expand internationally.

“We've been hard at work preparing for this,” Zach Ciappara (CEO) explained, “there've been many tough decisions to make over the last 6 months and it's finally becoming a reality”

After their initial launch in Rome, FreeHour have already managed to acquire 10,000 downloads, which is a stunning 50% of their entire Maltese user base in just 3 weeks.

To add to the good news, Zach took home the Best Startup Pitch Award just last Friday, where the 20-year-old presented his app, it's history, and their plans for the future - all on stage in front of an audience of over 300 people at the Malta Innovation Summit.

After launching in Italy, FreeHour is now one of the few Maltese apps to have ever launched internationally. Being an entirely homegrown and local development puts the young startup team among the stars of its industry.


With regards to their new Italian presence, Freehour has primarily launched in three of Rome’s most well-known university campuses: Tor Vergata, University of Sapienza & University Roma Tre.

There are 176,000 total students in Rome, compared to Malta's 25,000, and FreeHour are already making waves in the local scene with their super relatable and value-driven approach towards appealing to their young student demographic. The 10,000 downloads in 3 weeks are a strong testament to that.

Additionally, this level of immediate response can be credited towards the consistent developments that FreeHour have been making to the app and the brand over the last few years. They've created a near-perfect product thanks to the constant feedback from their community, as well as personal efforts in introducing new features and continuously polishing the app's design & user experience.

Since the start of this scholastic year just a few weeks ago, the FreeHour app was opened an impressive 1 million times, making it a great platform for brands like Deloitte, McDonald's, KeepMePosted, GO, and Cool Ride-Pooling to specifically target the younger demographic.


Over these last few months, the FreeHour team has grown from a one man show to a dynamic group of seven young minds. And with Italy showing excellent promise, it's full steam ahead for one of Malta's most successful start-ups.