• Daniel Tihn

Maltese Activities Affordable On A Student Stipend

Every Maltese student out there knows what its like to look at your bank account, see that you only got €65, swear a bit, complain to your friends by saying: "I swear I didn't miss that much", look at how much you actually missed and then realise you should probably stop missing SOK so much. What if there was some way to spend the money wisely with some cheap yet fun activities?

Paceville: Lite Version

Every students favourite past time in Malta is easily getting zibel at PV, yet doing this every weekend may burn a hole through your pockets faster than you think. To avoid buying watered down drinks at super expensive prices, buying a bottle of vodka from Basic (and asking for free cups at the counter) is the best way of having a fun night with friends for a mere €10 including mixers. The most important thing to this late-night activity is to ensure that you don't buy ANY shots from anywhere, as all your hard-earned money attending Pure Maths will all go to waste.

The Cinema

While it is quite a basic option, going to the cinema guarantees a night of fun and conversations with your friends later on. Yes, it can be quite pricey as a ticket from Eden costs a minimum of €8 but, if you really want to save that cash then you can go down to Galleria where an average ticket is only €6.50 and the snacks are cheaper. P.S. Bring your own water, don't bend over for the crooks charging €2 for a tiny cup (a basic human right, may I remind you).

Stay At Home

Staying at home may not be everyones cup of tea, but it surely helps in saving up the meagre school allowance. With a Netflix subscription costing €14 a month (which you can probably convince your mum to pay for), you can watch anything on their limited selection, spending the night in, ordering food off of Time to Eat, using one of our brilliant codes making this activity EVEN cheaper. If staying home alone doesn't float your boat, then invite your significant other over to "watch a movie", and if you don't have that luxury then I'm sure you have Vaseline and tissues somewhere in the house.


Offering a fun day out in the sun, this calming and relaxing activity allows for a cheap getaway from your bustling life, but there are some important steps that need to be taken before the fun can begin. Firstly, open Messenger and ask yourself who you wouldn't mind spending a whole day with. Secondly, pick the perfect spot, ideally somewhere secluded without many people around like Top of the World or Mosta Gardens. Lastly pack as much food as possible as picnics can get very tiring and hunger-some, especially if Mary & Jane were invited.

With these 4 activities, you will be able to live next month like a King while staying within stipends strict constraints.

Tell us in the comments if we missed any of your favourite activities and which of these 4 is your favourite.