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5 Takeaways From MUT & Gov. Negotiations Surrounding Last Week's Teachers Strike 👨‍🏫

A Positive Update ✅

You may remember the teachers strike that took place recently, on the 7th & 8th of January, which took place following a discussion with Robert Abela who refused to make the full switch to online learning.

The Malta Union Of Teachers (MUT) have since been in further negotiations with the government, and have managed to win a number of conditions for its members, which its president Marco Bonnici has now explained in an interview with Lovin Malta...

Here Are Some Of The Promises Made 👇

#1 - The number of people who take care of protocols & contact tracing will be doubled.

#2 - The government also agreed to update the union every Friday with the latest data on the pandemic situation at schools.

#3 - A problem whereby students with allergies could present the same open certificates all year to explain their symptoms will be addressed, ensuring the condition-specific certificates are required regularly to avoid abuse.

#4 - Health authorities also assured the MUT that children will no longer be allowed to present medical certificates that are provided to them by health centres signed by their parents, rather than doctors.

#5 - The government also reiterated its promise to vaccinate teachers & school staff against COVID-19 in the third cohort of vaccine recipients.

A Delicate Back & Forth 🦠

Bonnici said the union will monitor the state of play at schools on a day-by-day basis and pledged not to hold back from ordering more action if that’s what the situation requires.

However, he warned that the MUT won’t accept a situation where all businesses are forced to close down, but schools told to remain open.

You can find the full interview below 👇

Voices Heard 🗣

It seems that the teachers strike actually worked! The proposed points seem like a great starting point to ensure that covid regulations are strengthened and schools become a safer place for all students and staff members alike.

Progress 🙏

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