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Malta's Top 5 Most HAUNTED Areas & Spookiest Ghost Stories 😳 🏚️

BOO! 👻

This island may be small, and you may not think much happens here - but we're here to tell you otherwise 😬

Keep reading to find out what places you should be avoiding at all costs, (or going to if you're completely nuts)👇 🤣


#1 - Manoel Island, Gżira 🚧

Scary island check: Manoel island was initially known for being home to knights & bishops, but became an isolation hospital in 1592 - due to a huge increase in black plague deaths.

Workers on the island have reported seeing a ghost of a man standing on top of the walls of the fort, just watching everyone beneath him. There have also been reports of a black knight dressed in a full suit of armor who walks around the building.


#2 - Telgha t’Alla w’Ommu, Naxxar 🚘

A very busy road, probably the last place you'd expect to be haunted, but boy are you wrong!

Many drivers have reported seeing a teen girl walking all over the road at the bottom of the hill. The drivers say she chases down cars asking for help, and those who actually stop say that she is gone by the time they do 💨

Those who do ignore her and continue to drive on say that it doesn't make her disappear, and some have even said she appears in the backseat of their car!!! Would you stop? 😩


#3 - Razzett tax-Xjaten, Mellieħa 😈

People believe that Razzett Tax Xjaten (literally translated to The Devils' Farmhouse) was built by the devil in a single day.

It used to be used as a stable, and due to its iconic staircase said to be shaped like the devil's horns, people are reluctant to enter the now-abandoned building 🏚️

If the devil rumors don't put you off, maybe their music taste will? - Many people claim to hear classical music echoing through the farmhouse at the night 😨


#4 - The Grey Lady, Fort St. Angelo 🙅‍♀️

Fort St. Angelo is found in Birgu and is notoriously known for the grey lady sightings which date back to the 1900s.

The grey lady is said to be the love interest of Captain Nava who was the first governor of the time. When she finally got tired of being shared, she protested, the governor didn't want this affair to become public so he got her sent away and killed.

Many have claimed to have seen and heard her wandering the castle. Children used to describe her as a nice lady that looked very beautiful but seemed to be very sad - contrasting to others who said that she was aggressive and vulgar and would throw furniture around 😡

People also believe the castle is haunted by deceased Ottoman soldiers, this doesn't come as surprise as they were killed by having hot oil tipped over them. People claim to have seen them marching while hearing their cries in the fort.


#5 - Splendid Hotel, Valletta

Splendid Hotel doesn't quite live up to it's name. In fact, it's known for being a central hub of prostitution and crime back in the 19th century. It closed in the 60s due to a murder scandal.

The victim was a prostitute, who was unfortunately found stabbed to death in one of the bathrooms. She is said to roam the corridors of the now-empty hotel, haunting and chasing out those who dare to enter.

Although there are still some art exhibitions that take place here, most people aren't too keen on visiting due to the flickering lights & strange noises coming from the building


Would You Pay Any Of These Places A Visit? 😳

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