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Malta's Leading Supermarket LIDL Offers Students Great Employee Benefits, Flexible Hours & More 🥳

More Opportunities Than You Think 🧐

If you're looking to join a dynamic team within a challenging and stimulating work environment then you're in the right place! Learn more about your next step below 👇


A LIDL History 🤔

With now over 350 employees, LIDL has become one of Malta's leading supermarkets across the Maltese Islands. The first LIDL store opened in Malta back in 2008, since then a total of 7 more stores have opened, six in Malta, and one in Gozo.

Customer satisfaction is key to LIDL. In view of this, and in order to satisfy their clients' needs, they offer a wide variety of products, ranging from daily essentials to premium private label products - at all the best prices.


Why Working At LIDL Malta Is An Amazing Opportunity

First and foremost, LIDL is a multinational company, this means that they have a particularly high standard for everything that goes on within their company - from great employee benefits, to flexible working hours, to a diverse and welcoming company culture.

Growing within a multinational company also gives you the opportunity to eventually switch locations between branches, this doesn't just mean from Qormi to San Gwann - it could easily mean from Malta to France! (LIDL operates through 32 different countries 🥰)

Made up of over 287,000 people from all across the globe, you'll definitely find a home 💙


Development At LIDL Malta 💼

Working at LIDL means working in a fast-paced environment in which you can grow and advance constantly. Challenging daily patterns makes work motivating, and dynamic interactions with both customers & team members help to keep things interesting.

Professional growth is supported by LIDL's Training & Development Department. Once recruited, every employee is assigned a trainer and a mentor, who ensure everyone has a helpful hand guiding them throughout their LIDL journey.

The above is evidenced by the fact that LIDL are the only company in Malta certified as a Top Employer, and LIDL is certified as a Top Employer Europe.


Get Involved 🛍

Interested in developing your career in an international company? Have experience in Administration, Finance, Human Resources or Logistics? You might want to apply ✍️

LIDL sales assistants are always helped to develop, in fact, at the moment all of their local Store Managers started off as Sales Assistants - so you have plenty of room to grow!

Visit LIDL's official website to learn more about their vacancies 😁


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