• Daniel Tihn

Malta's Air Quality Officially Ranked In The Bottom 4 In Europe 😵

Alongside their weather forecast, Euronews publish an Air Quality Index for most major cities in Europe. Powered by Copernicus, the index is rated from 1 to 5, 1 being the best air quality and 5 being the worst. Alongside three other cities, Malta has been given an air quality index of 4, the worst rating in today's Euronews forecast.

What does a rating of 4 even mean? Well, there are 5 different categories which are ranked from best to worst, and the worst rating from among those 5 is used as the city's overall rating. For reference, London's forecast was a low rating of 2, which does not bode well for other countries considering London's bustling business environment (Malta's air essentially has double the amount of pollution).

The other 3 cities joining Malta in our suffocating state are Moscow, Murcia, and Málaga (the latter 2 both in Spain. Los Pollution they call it).

Air quality is increasingly becoming a very sore topic, especially right now with trees being uprooted to make way for more roads, and every day more and more cars are joining our streets.

How do you feel about Malta's air quality? Easily fixable or are we in for a rough ride? Tell us in the comments below. ⚰️