• Ryan Calleja Urry

Malta Officially Named To Have "Most Trusted" Healthcare System In The Whole EU 😲 ❤️

Yep! You read that right 😇 In a large study covering all of the EU, Malta has come out on top as the country which has the highest amount of trust in it's healthcare system!

Considering that the World Health Organization singled out Malta as an example to follow in this pandemic, it is no surprise that our community has so much faith!

Not only have we carried out routine swab tests in high numbers, but we were also fast to enact lockdown measures - much faster than some other countries like the United States who's Coronavirus cases had skyrocketed due to a lack of protective measures 😔

Will this trend of trust be kept up? Or will we screw it up somehow? 🤔

Stay tuned 😂

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