• Ryan Calleja Urry

Malta Faces "Second Wave" As Avg. Cases Per Capita Now Higher Than Italy, Germany, Spain & France 😱

It's happening 😫

After an excellent response by the Maltese government in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic - which was praised on an international level - it seems as though certain safety measures are being relaxed...


The Second Wave? 😷

For the first time in weeks, the number of active cases has again risen to triple digits.

Now, this can be attributed to a higher number of tests being carried out over the past few days, increasing from an average of 700 -1000, to now well over 1,500 per day.

However, Sascha Reiff, president of the MAPHM (Malta Association of Public Health Medicine) and lead at Malta’s COVID-19 testing centres - instead attributed this increase to the government’s decision to re-open non-essential retail outlets earlier this month.

If the spike wasn't enough of a sign, Sacha continues by saying that “The R factor has been constantly back over 1 for the past week. Our number of new cases per capita is higher than that of Italy, Spain, Germany, and France. We may now very well be in the beginning of the second wave.

To make things even worse, it was recently announced that restaurants and hairdressers will be allowed to open for business starting this coming Friday.

Furthermore, hotels are also going to be re-opened for use by locals, and pools & non-contact sports will be allowed too 😳


Problematic Narratives 🤔

Apart from these measures potentially marking the beginning of the end for our great progress, the Malta Association of Public Health Medicine has warned thatPublic announcements suggesting that all is well, and that we are on track to return to normality very soon are misleading and dangerous.

While it is very true that business are losing large amounts of money, and families are suffering because of it, we must understand that lifting our regulations too early will do far more harm in the long run. Not only will more people die, but the spread of the virus will force these businesses to shut down again anyway.


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