• Ryan Calleja Urry

Make Your Move With Deloitte's Student Programmes - From ACCA To Graduate Opportunities & More!

There's always so much pressure around getting yourself an education which can be really stressful. But why take the conventional route, sitting in a classroom and just listening to your professor?

This is why you should start your student journey TODAY with Deloitte’s Programmes. Deloitte prides itself with teaching students, not just the "how to", but actually putting things into practise. Learn from professionals and grow in the field.

Your future begins here.

The Graduate Programme

Deloitte is here to prepare for the working world while you study. Enroll in Deloitte's Graduate Programme to meet the people who will inspire you to achieve.

You’ll have the opportunity to work during both the winter and summer months, while applying the knowledge you gained at university. The work schedule at Deloitte will offer the utmost flexibility aligned to your lecture timetable with time off during exam periods.

The programme is designed for students reading for a degree in B.Com, Masters in Accountancy, Law, Information Technology and related areas.

Upon completion of your graduate studies, you'll be able to join Deloitte on a full time basis.

And there's so many benefits!

  • Work whilst studying on a flexible schedule

  • The opportunity to join the Deloitte Student Network

  • Allocated Buddy & Team Leader to support your development

  • Financial reward for students who obtain distinction

  • Full-time employment upon completion

The ACCA Programme

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a fast growing global professional accountancy body with over a 100 years of experience. Both its reputation and influence are respected worldwide by employers, governments and the profession itself. You will receive continuous support during your training and gain work experience that is vital to achieving a comprehensive understanding of both the profession and the business in which you will be working.

The programme offers a high level of flexibility to its students including study leave during exam periods.

The MCAST Programme

Deloitte's MCAST Programme is designed specifically for students who are pursuing a course at MCAST with a focus on STEM subjects. Your experience will help you grow while giving you the chance to explore different business areas.

The 6th Form Programme

As you're starting off post-secondary education, it's time to branch out and discover more. Deloitte is there for you as you progress through 6th Form. You'll be at the heart of Deloitte's community by participating in this programme, especially since you'll be surrounded by experts who can help you flourish.

Summer placements are available for both 1st year and 2nd year students.This programme aims to also help you figure out your next steps after sixth form.

Deloitte gives you space to choose and freely learn your own way. You can flourish with these programmes and work at the same time! That's what I call getting experience and starting off your professional career on your own terms.

Study, graduate & prosper with Deloitte.

What are you waiting for?

Apply today: Send Deloitte your CV by email on careers@deloitte.com.mt & fill in the below information!