Love Wholesome & Homemade Food? Chateau Buskett Delivers Classic Meals Perfect For Your Family 🍝

Planning meals at home can be super annoying, especially with a big appetite (or a big family 🥰). Luckily, Chateau Buskett's new delivery concept delivers multiple portions at reasonable prices - the perfect solution for people that love to eat good food!

Pro-tip: With Mother’s Day approaching, this could be a great gift idea for mothers who are normally the ones who cook at home. You might not be able to take mum for a family lunch outdoors, but you can order the family lunch and treat her at home! 🥰


Traditional Tastes, Delivered To Your Home 😍

Hungry yet? Time for a full breakdown of their menu! (which you can find here)

First up, a few classic plates of pasta. They've got Baked Macaroni, Pasta Shells with Ricotta, Lasagna Bolognese with Bechamel and even some Beef / Ricotta Cannelloni.

These pasta dishes are priced at an average of around €3 per portion, with each dish serving a hefty 6 portions! So generous 😌

Next up, we have their meat options! They've got Stuffed Pork with Minced-Meat & Maltese Sausage (amazing 🤩 ), Oven-Roasted Chicken, as well as the crowd favourite Fried Rabbit! ( mmm 🥺 ) Plus, all these dishes come served with Roasted Potatoes & Courgettes.

Oh and for all the vegetarians out there, you can choose from Vegetable Soup served with Goat’s Cheese or their Traditional Maltese Broad Bean soup. There's also Maltese Scrambled Eggs & Tomatoes, as well as an Aubergine Caponata - so veggie lovers are covered.

What if you're craving a heartwarming pie? 🤔 Well, Chateau Buskett have recently added two pies to their varied menu. The Pie with Pork, Maltese Sausage and Cheeselets - a great option - as well as the Maltese Ricotta Pie. To die for.

Looking for the complete Chateau Buskett experience?

End your order with one of their delicious desserts which include Banoffee, Cassatella, Tiramisu, Cherry Cheesecake & a Snickers Cake 🍰 These are individually portioned because they're honestly just too good to share 😂

Oh and by the way...if you're more of a wine & dine kinda person, Chateau have an excellent selection of your favourite wines to pair with their delicious food 🥰

Bonus! - This is your last chance to order their April Specials - Roast Leg of Lamb & Traditional Maltese Snails 😍 (specials are updated monthly)


Delivery Details 📞 🍗

All payments are contactless for your security – just pay via Revolut or bank transfer.

They're open every day and you can order at any time but please make sure it's 4 hours in advance of when you want to eat 😇 The minimum order is just 15 - so if you want to buy a week's worth of pasta portions just for you, we aren't judging 😅

To place your order, you can call on📱 79441574 or send a message on Whatsapp 🍜, message them on Facebook or send an email at


Want to check out Chateau Buskett's full menu?

Just click here to visit their official website 😎