• Ryan Calleja Urry

Love Island's Kem Cetinay Finally Reunites With Maltese Girlfriend After 5 Month COVID Separation 😲

Love is back on the island 😍

The post-pandemic blues are finally over for two special long-distance-lovers, who were forced to separate for months due to COVID - the question is, are they still a couple...?

Long Distance? No Problem 😍

After 5 long months in lockdown for Kem & Lexie - they announced on their Instagram that they were indeed still together - and happy!

The 2017 Love Island winner Kem started stirring rumours with an Instagram post a few weeks back, where he congratulated 25-year-old Lexie on achieving her masters in Law.

The two had initially announced their relationship back in January - unfortunately, it didn’t take long for their cross-country love story to be torn apart, as Coronavirus forced a long-distance relationship with Cetinay having to fly back overseas.

Now though, the two have taken to Instagram yet again to announce they've reunited!

If you didn't recognise Kem right away, it's because he got a fresh new cut. The good news, as you can see above, is that Lexie vibes with it - they both look great tbh.

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