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Looking To Study Business Or Computing? STC Are Offering Awesome Courses For The New Term 🎓

In 1997, the I.T. industry in Malta was lacking a few qualifications. To remedy the problem, the government invested in STC, which was formed to start training staff already within the industry. 22 years later, STC is now a private higher education institute that focuses on teaching computing and business pathways through a personal and in-depth teaching environment.

Located in Pembroke, STC is partnered with British higher education providers, coming together to form one of the most successful institutes (when it comes to the hire of employees rate after the course) on the island.

But what are the courses? How much do they cost? How do I apply? Look no further amigo, we have all the answers just a scroll away. 👇

The Computing Degree Pathway

STC's Computing Pathway focuses on many different aspects of the computing world such as networks, systems, programming, software development, and many more. The first year of the course has a total of 8 core units that are completed over the scholastic year and is taught by NCC education.

After the first year of the degree, students progress to Middlesex University Malta. After their 2nd year, they have the choice specialise into one of four areas, each leading to a B.Sc (Hons) degree:

  1. Information Technology

  2. Computer Science (Systems Engineering)

  3. Computer Networks

  4. Business Information Systems

Once completing the course, students will be ready to go into the workforce as they make robots, A.I., and eventually leading to sentient software, jeopardising the human race's existence (HAL 9000, Skynet, Matrix, need I go on?).

The Business Degree Pathway

Like the Computing degree, the Business Pathway also follows a 3-year timeline with a few key differences, the first being that it's Business and not Computing (duh). Just like Computing, the first year of the programme is taught by NCC and covers 8 core units which includes Economics, Business Mathematics, Finance, and other fundamental and introductory business aspects.

The second year of the programme is also taught by NCC, with only the third year being taught by Middlesex University.

Once completing the course, students will finish with a B.A. (Hons) in International Business Administration, allowing them to become the next Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk.

STC & Their High Achievers

STC Higher Education is known for its quality, high pass rate, and hiring rate after finishing the course. In a lot of cases, students are hired within the industry after completing only 1 year of their chosen course, as STC are regularly contacted by potential employers looking for new recruits.

Why is their employment rate so high? Every year, NCC rank the highest achievers across the world in both Business and Computing degree programme, which spans over 45 countries globally. Last year, STC had 3 of the top 3 global graduates for the Diploma in Business and 2 of the top 3 for the Diploma in Computing. You can read Jeremy & Luke's success stories here & here respectively.

Through their personal and specialised teaching system, STC has become one of the best higher education centres in Malta, boasting incredible success rates and nearly guaranteeing students a job once their course is finished.

Middlesex As Part Of STC

Due to internal circumstances, Middlesex University London is leaving Malta in September, 2022, but don't fret, this will not be affecting students in the slightest. Since they are leaving in 3 years' time, any full-time current students will be able to finish their course under Middlesex University, including all applicants for this coming year.

To be able to continue offering their courses, STC is looking into partnering with a new UK University, which means that after finishing your 1st year within the Computing Pathway or your 2nd year within the Business Pathway, you will get to choose between Middlesex or STC's new UK partnering University to finish off your course.

Course Prices Are Legible For A 70% Recovery Through Get Qualified

Each course has its own payment scheme and depends on whether you are an EU or a non-EU student. The price for both the Computing Pathway and the Business Pathway for EU students is €18,000, while non-EU students would need to pay a total of €20,000 for the Computing Pathway or €20,500 for the Business Pathway.

But don't worry, STC is here to help lighten the financial burden. Since putting down a lump sum would be quite a task, STC allows students to pay in monthly installments using their Easy Payment schemes. And that isn't even the best part.

STC's courses are part of the Get Qualified scheme, meaning that once completing the course you will be able to recover up to 70% of the costs that went into the course itself. This means that the final cost for the course ends up being €5,400 for EU students.

And, if you are a student that's a little low on cash, you are also eligible to stipend! Receiving the full grant and the monthly stipend, students will be able to flaunt their new funds in any way they please.

How To Apply

Continuing with their personalised style of education, applying for a course is simple. All you have to do is email info@stcmalta.com (or call them at +356 2145 3200) and setup an introductory meeting. While it may not be an online application, having a meeting with STC ensures that you will be making the right decision as any and all questions can be answered before making your final call.

You can find their opening hours, address, and all other contact info here.

Send an email to info@stcmalta.com or visit their website to setup a meeting, and start the next step of your education today. 🎓