• Daniel Tihn

Looking To Advertise? With Freshers' Week Around The Corner, Here's The Best Way To Reach Students

FreeHour is a mobile app that allows students to share their timetable with their friends. With a total of 18,700 users registered on the app, FreeHour is used by approximately 70% of all Maltese students from all Sixth Forms and Unis including Junior College, Saint Aloysius' College, De La Salle College, MCAST, and UoM; making it the largest student app on the island. You can find some more info about the app here.

Freshers' Week is finally here, the perfect opportunity to advertise to students. With so many new students entering Uni, MCAST, and every 6th form on the island, now is the best time to reach out to our young and starry-eyed students.

How To Advertise With FreeHour

Figuring out which users you want to target is only part of the process as we have many ways to get your ad out there. We offer 4 main methods of advertising which can then be further split up into different sections and ways of advertising.

These 4 methods are all fully customisable and create a diverse range of options for clients to experiment, mix & match, and create an advertising experience like no other. All advertisements are unique and are made by our in-house writers, designers, and videographers.

If you are interested in any of our advertising packages, feel free to contact us at sales@freehour.eu for further inquiry about pricing, future meetings, or organising trial runs.

1. In-App Advertising

On the FreeHour app, there are a couple of ways to get the word out about your campaign and business. The first is Banner Ads, which will be positioned at the bottom of the app on the 2 main screens. The banner will be custom-made and will be there every time a user opens up the app.

The second option is Stipend Re-Skins. A popular feature on the app is the stipend countdown, used daily by students as they check when the next stipend is due to come in. Behind the countdown itself, there is space for advertisements of your choice, whether they are announcements, campaigns, or giveaways, students will be seeing it daily.

2. Social Media Advertising

Our social media is one of our most diverse sections of advertising. With just under 7,000 Instagram followers and 6,000 likes on Facebook, we are able to target people within our audience outside the app.

A good way to get the word out is an Instagram Take Over, which includes a series of Insta story posts revolving around your product/event. This has proved successful for companies such as Decathalon, Benna, Eeetwell, and many more. After the stories have been posted, they are saved in a brand new highlight section on our Insta page.

The second option is a Video which is then posted onto both our Instagram and Facebook pages. This video will be filmed & edited by us and will show off your product, service, or event, like this video for Bolt.

Considering you are reading this; we obviously produce articles organically and for clients as Sponsored Pieces. We have written articles for San Andrea (and due to its success, we wrote another one), Ben Estates, STC, and many more. Each piece details the company, what they are advertising, and is then boosted on Facebook for €50 to a custom-made audience, ensuring you reach your desired audience. With the Student Jobs section powered by Keepmeposted, these pieces serve as further exposure and promotion for any open positions.

The final social media option that we offer is a Social Media Post which can be used for recruitment, announcements, or giveaways. This post contains a brief description and a custom artwork which is then further boosted for €25 to a custom-made audience of our making. We have created posts for San Andrea and Computime, so check those out.

3. Student Offers & Discounts

In our Student Offers section we only have 1 main option, and that is to setup a discount on the app for a total of 30 days. The student offer is decided by the client, and is then set-up to be a part of the section on the app. This student offer can be further promoted through the use of Push Notifications and a Featured Listing that puts you at the top of the list for the entire 30 days.

4. More

This last section of advertising covers all the other options that don't necessarily fit into the 3 previous categories. The first of these options is a Mail-Shot to all of our 18,700 users which includes personalised text and artwork created by our in-house writers and designers.

The second option is the ability for a brand to send a direct Push Notification through our app which directs our users to any website of your choosing; this includes the app-store, job listings, event pages, etc.. This is perfect for announcing anything to our 18,000+ student audience in the fastest way possible.

The final option on our advertising menu is our Student Events section. On the FreeHour app, there is a section with listings for student events, and the best part is that it's FREE to join it. Similar to our Student Offers, you can boost your student event by featuring it at the top of the listings and also sending a Push Notification to our users.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us, please contact sales@freehour.eu and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!