• Daniel Tihn

Looking For A Job In Teaching? San Andrea Have Even MORE Positions That Are Perfect For Students

Between their Early School, Middle School, and Senior School, San Andrea takes care of over 1,000 students. By combining an inclusive, personalised, mixed ability, and skill-based education, San Andrea provides a learner-centred tuition that revolves around the student and their intellectual growth. Their broad-based, integrated, relevant, and multilingual teachings provide the perfect platform for the holistic development of life-long learners.

If you think that your philosophy of education matches San Andrea's, then you're in luck. After their success a couple months ago, San Andrea are looking to fill even more positions for the scholastic year of 2019-2020.


For the coming scholastic year, there are 2 positions available in teaching:

  1. Teachers of Mathematics (definite contract)

  2. Teacher of Biology (definite contract)

While each position has their own specific requirements (depending on the subject of teaching you are applying for), there is a list of general requirements for all applicants.

  • Must be proficient in Maltese and English.

  • Must be B.Ed., PGCE, or MTL graduates or any qualification which entitles them to a permanent teacher's warrant.

  • Must own a valid statement of accreditation for the post (regular or supply), issued by the Accreditation Unit, DQSE

Learning Support Educators (LSE)

When it comes to Learning Support Educators, there are 4 positions available:

  1. Learning Support Educators (LSE I)

  2. Learning Support Educators (LSE II)

  3. Learning Support Educators (LSE III)

  4. Supply Learning Support Educators (SLSE)

As for requirements for these openings, candidates must be in possession of at least 4 SEC O-Level certificates (Grade 5 or better in English Language, Maths, Maltese, and any other subject), and at least 1 SEC A-Level.

When applying for any of the above positions, all documentation from the Education Directorate must be in possession of the candidate. Also, wage and conditions are equivalent to those of state schools according to all relevant qualifications and experience.

If you think that any of the jobs above are for you, send an application addressed to The Staff Selection Committee with your Curriculum Vitae to vacancies@sanandrea.edu.mt by Sunday 18th August, 2019.