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Looking For A Fancy Gift? Farsonsdirect Offering A 10% Discount & Free Delivery! 🍷

Thirsty? 👀

Whether you're looking to spoil yourself or a loved one this holiday season - you might want to take a look at Farsonsdirect.

They're a premium alcohol distributor in Malta with a beautiful store located at Triq L-Imdina, B'Kara. They've also got some great delivery options & discounts!

Your Favourites, Delivered! 🥰

If you're like most people, you probably have a few cosy get-togethers coming up with friends or family for the festive season. Whether it's a night out with your group chat, or a classic family lunch - you're going to need to buy the drinks from somewhere right?

Luckily, we've got our students an exclusive FreeHour discount code: farsonsdirect10 - If you register on Farson's website you'll be able to use this code to save on up to 10% on all wine & spirit brands until the end of the year. Also, with any order that's over €50 - you get free delivery!

Whether you're 17+ and are looking to celebrate with friends, or you'd like to gift someone something classy, Farsonsdirect definitely have a product that's right for you!

An Extensive Collection 🍷

Established in 1928, Farsonsdirect is engaged in the brewing, production, sale and distribution of branded beers and beverages. They're open every day from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm and on public holidays from 9 am to 2 pm.

Offering a complete range of beverages and also an assortment of quality foods and snacks, Farsonsdirect is well-positioned to meet the needs of students who are looking for choice, convenience and great value in their shopping.

As shown above, their prices range from the low-end Braincaia Tre at €14, to the mid-range Ballantine's Whiskey 17 YD at €62, to the higher end €137 & €216 Royal Salutes.

Farsonsdirect offer a unique mix of the finest wines and spirits, specialist beers, non-alcoholic mixers and carbonated beverages, They also organise frequent tasting sessions for their customers, within a dedicated temperature-controlled sampling area.

They've also got some fantastic hamper options, combining a variety of different wine and food options like cheeses, spreads or chocolate 👇

Want More? 🥃

If you think you'd be a regular, there's actually a club card loyalty scheme which offers discounted prices on products at Farsonsdirect & keeps you informed on special events 🥰

Remember though, drink safely! We're not recommending these products to any of our students unless they are of age, and even then, always be responsible.

Drink responsibly!🍹

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