LOCKDOWN 🚨 All Maltese Schools Officially Closed To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus 😷

Prime Minister Robert Abela has just announced via a public statement that all educational establishments will be closed starting tomorrow, the 13th of March.

This will include all schools. That means child care centres, primary schools, secondary schools, UM, MCAST, and all others.

The Prime Minister said that this decision will be reviewed in a week's time.

Bars, restaurants & other commercial establishments have not been banned as of yet, however Mr.Abela has urged caution for both customers and owners.

This ban on schools follows a number of strict measures imposed by our government.

Currently there are also bans on all non-essential travel to Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and Italy.

There is also a massive 1,000 euro fine for anyone who breaks self-quarantine upon travelling back to Malta from affected countries.


You can read about Oral exams being cancelled here 😬

This is an ongoing story, we'll keep you updated as things progress.