• Ryan Calleja Urry

Local TikToker Henry Galea Reaches Huge 500K Follower Milestone At Just 21 Years Old 😱 🥳

An Impressive Talent 👏

if you're not following Henry's journey, a quick browse on his TikTok profile will instantly fill you in on his talent. As a young 21 year old, Henry has been going viral recently with video after video showing off his insane make-up transformations...

At this point, many of Henry's videos are hitting an amazing 1 Million Views, with plenty of others hitting 3, 5 and even 10 million views - pretty incredible 😲

What's even more impressive is that Henry was at 200K just 1 month ago, meaning that he's now starting to grow exponentially!

FreeHour spoke with the @clubhouseurope rising star, asking about how he got here:

Well mainly I got here with a lot... & A LOT of hard work... everything that you see in my makeup looks, from the hats to the costumes, they are all done by myself, & they’re all original concepts!

Henry has also officially been accepted to a foreign ClubHouse, and will be moving to Los Angeles California to chase his dream.

Want to support Henry? He actually also has his very own makeup brand Heri Cosmetics - which offers a wide array of original products, as well as certified make-up courses!

It’s extremely costly to do what I love, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world as I get to inspire so many people from across the globe ❤️


We're With Henry! 🥰

Anyone who represents our little island on an international level deserves loads of love and support, especially someone like Henry who clearly has a huge amount of talent as well as some shining creative spirit!

Keep up the grind Henry, this is just the beginning 😉


What do you think of Henry's make-up skills? 💄

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