• Ryan Calleja Urry

Local Supporters Claim That Stadiums Reopening Would Prevent Further "Chaotic Celebrations" 👀

Viral For The Wrong Reasons 😒

Unfortunately, following a 3-0 victory by the Hamrun Spartans against Valletta FC, supporters flocked to the streets to celebrate in classic Maltese fashion. There were flares, carcades, loads of chants and large crowds - definitely not respecting social distancing.

Somehow, despite the new measures, no fines or arrests were made...

The ironic part is, these spontaneous celebrations occurred just hours after Malta introduced new measures to fight against COVID-19.

In light of this, the South End Core supporters club (a national group of fans of all local football) took it upon themselves to make a statement that could solve this problem.

“If we opened stadiums in a reduced way, with protocols for the return of fans, there would have been less thirst & demand for one to celebrate in such a way” they said.

Many people online have since condemned these fans' behaviour, sadly, the South End Core warn that celebrations of this size will not be slowing down.

With the local premier league heating up, and a number of international games coming up, they warn that even larger celebrations could happen soon.

According to them, fans should be allowed to attend games in stadiums again, with strong covid measures in place of course.

“Had we opened the stadium in a reduced and controlled manner, and followed protocols, the attendees would have definitely been ready to follow the regulations and there wouldn’t be this chaos in the streets with organisation and some control” they said.


Could That Work? 🤔

As part of their proposal, they suggested limiting the 16,000 capacity to just 1,600 in total.

This could give fans their own space to enjoy the games and avoid dangerous celebrations like the ones that happened yesterday.


Should stadiums be reopened?

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