• Ryan Calleja Urry

Local Straw Company Offering Clean & Green Alternative To Help The World & Stop You Getting Sick 😍

Wait what...where's the straw? Did they really not give me a straw??? 😠

I know you've been here before, we all have, so today we're about to introduce you to a local company that's saving the earth - one drink at a time 💚

The Stainless Steel Selection 🎨

Do I really need my own personal straw though? 🤔

Yes you do, and here's why 👇

1) - They look pretty cool, a gold straw in your cocktail is a big flex 😎

2) - Coronavirus fears are still very real, so now is the best time to stay clean & avoid using random plastic straws - and instead use your very own super sanitary steel straw!

3) - The average family uses over 2,000 straws a year - so think of how much plastic consumption you'd be reducing by simply swapping to steel 😍

For every set you buy, you get 1 straight wide straw, 1 straight narrow straw, 1 bent narrow straw and a cleaning brush. Talk about bang for your buck right? 💸

You also get to choose between their pouches: The blue and white pattern, the white linen, or the black velvet ❤️

All sets, whatever colour, are only €7.99 each 😲

Interested? 😇 Buy Here ⚡️

You can also follow their Insta OR Facebook to keep in touch 😊

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