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Local Star Bulldog "Goffy" Has Sadly Passed Away, Fonzu L-Fenek Steps In To Honor Her Legacy 💔 🥰

Goffy, the star mascot of Adrian Zammit's popular Facebook Live Streams has sadly passed away this week after a long battle with cancer.

I treated Goffy like my queen” Adrian said “She was part of my family and I gave her everything I could… and people truly loved her.”


She Will Be Missed 😔

The 15-year-old Goffy was diagnosed with cancer and given only 1 month to live.

This was tragic news at the time, but, being the resilient little bulldog that she is, Goffy fought on to live a further 7 months alongside her cheerful owner Adrian.

After an outpouring of love and support from his fans, Adrian took to Facebook to reassure his followers that he was okay, and made it a point to try and teach them a few lessons in the process.


A New Beginning 😇

Adrian spoke about how although the situation is sad, he doesn't want to see his supporters in pain and was indebted to cheer them up, so he introduced a new character to his show - one that he described as "identical to Goffy, you won't even notice the difference" 😂

Unfortunately, during this introduction, Adrian's other dog Fido was pretty excited and spent a solid 5 minutes barking at the poor little rabbit 😅

Sporting the adorable title, "Fonzu L-Fenek" - the rabbit seemed a bit nervous at first, but eventually managed to sit still a couple of times when Fido calmed down,,,

Adrian went on to joke that,“We can tell our children that this is Goffy, but she just got a little smaller” adding the show’s youngest fans wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.


I’ll see you all tomorrow,” the Marsa influencer concluded, keeping a brave face and reminding his audience to be strong and face problems head-on. A truly admirable response and inspiring message to his audience.

RIP Goffy & Long Live Fonzu L-Fenek ❤️


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