Popular Artist "DJ Ant" Premiering New Song This Saturday On Insta Live, Alongside 30 Min Set 🎧

The Producer 😎

DJ Ant (@antofficial ) is a local house DJ that's been on the scene for a while now. He's been performing since the young age of 12 & has since played at many local events, but also at prestigious events across Europe like the Milan Fashion Week & Summerdaze Festival.

After putting in many long hours of hard work perfecting his craft, he eventually landed his big break and got signed to Armada Music - with whom he just released his first single!


The Venue 📲

Now we know what you're thinking, "I can't go to any parties right now guys I could get sick", you're right - it would also be illegal actually 😅

So, to solve that problem, FreeHour are hosting a live 30+ minute set to showcase Ant's new song "Everyday" - which has been promised to be a huge summer smash 😍

The event will be shown live on our Insta Story ( @freehour_malta ) at 7pm on Saturday 👀


Where Can I Follow His Journey? 🎶

That one's easy, DJ Ant can be found on Spotify - as well as Facebook & Insta ❤️


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