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Last Chance To Apply For Our Summer Internships & Join Our Team 🤩

Have What It Takes To Join FreeHour? 🔥

Over the past few years, FreeHour has grown from a humble 2 man team to a constantly growing team of 13 members. We're always on the lookout for fresh talent with an eye for creating, so this summer we've decided to open the floodgates for our 2021 intake starting June / July.

As much as we love shiny CVs, we love unique personalities way more. So, if you're a confident, talented and ambitious individual who has their finger on the pulse of popular culture - we'd really love to hear from you!

Why Join FreeHour? 💪

1. The Atmosphere

The feeling of working at a startup is second to none, trust us. The day-to-day is exciting & always eventful. Never a dull moment.

2. The Experience

You'll gain loads of experience & insight into the business & creative space. This will help you immensely if you continue in this line of work, or if you decide to launch your own startup.

3. The People

We're a super friendly team of open-minded individuals, who are super supportive & accepting of new ideas. Networking happens often too so you'll meet plenty of people!

FreeHour Team Photo Xmas 2020

What We're Looking For 👀

A. Photographers / Videographers

Capturing & editing photos & short / long-form videos for FreeHour & collaborating brands.

B. Journalists / Content Writers / TikTokers

Writing short & long-form articles for FreeHour inc. news reporting, research, idea generation, text & design.

C. UI & UX / Graphic Designers / Animators

Ability to create mockups, in-app UI & animation designs, including the fundamentals of user experience.

The above roles are available on a Part-Time & flexible basis - depending on the role and your experience, the internship could be both paid or unpaid. During this experience, you'll become a fully-fledged FreeHour member with the ability to give input on almost everything we do 🙌

To apply, simply click here & fill out the Google Form. Make sure you include your CV & any portfolio work that we can look at. Have questions? You can reach out to us by emailing hello@freehour.eu.

Applications close in June & once you've submitted everything, expect to hear back from us throughout June!

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