• Daniel Tihn

Maltese Participant Wins The VAT Lottery Five Times In Eight Months 💸

Every month a lottery is held by using receipts instead of purchased tickets. This started as a way to encourage people to ask for receipts to ensure that their purchases included Value Added Tax, VAT for short. Each month, a list of winners is released with their ID card numbers, the value of the receipt they submitted, and their winnings. The value of the winnings is 100 times the amount of the receipt, with the winnings having a minimum of €233 and a cap of €11,647.

In the past 8 months, the same ID card number as appeared 5 times. This has obviously led to a certain amount of suspicion surrounding considering about 3 million receipts are sent in every month. (Assuming you only sent in one receipt every month, the chance of winning 5 times is 1 on 3,000,000 to the power of 5).

This lucky person has won a total of €1,973 spread across 5 months:

  • €279 in August, 2018

  • €233 in November 2018

  • €233 in January 2019

  • €511 in February 2019

  • €717 in May 2019

Due to the multiple winnings, inquiries have come to surface about whether this person has cheated but a spokesman has implied that no investigations shall be carried out. “Years back, a similar situation arose and an investigation was carried out which resulted in ruling out any corrupt practices,” he said.

The Ministry of Finance has stated that there are no precautions in place that disallow the same person winning multiple times in such a short span of time.

While it is a little suspicious that the same person has won so many times in the past 8 months, he will have most probably put in quite a few receipts, and Lady Luck seemed to be on his side.

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