• Ryan Calleja Urry

KSU's Popular Kokka Awards Ceremony Has Come & Gone - Here's A Winners Recap 😉 🎉

Awards time 🏆

The annual "Kokka Night" hosted by KSU serves to close the school year, by looking back at all student accomplishments of the past year, honouring those that overcame obstacles and innovated either as individuals or organisations.

The event took place last Saturday, the 25th. It opened with outgoing KSU President William Farrugia giving his personal speech, and reflecting on his past year in Council.

William encouraged the new KSU Council to stay positive through the tough times, even when the odds are against them. He stressed that learning from the mistakes made along the way was an essential part of his journey. Farrugia closed off on a heartfelt note directed to KSU Secretary, Daniela Fitzpatrick, calling her the Council's "moral compass".

Fitzpatrick returned the favour in her own speech, commending the Council under Farrugia as "the winner of challenging years". She continued by giving the first award of the night to Farrugia himself, for carrying KSU through a hectic year amid COVID-19 ups and downs.

The Full List Of Awards & Winners Reads As Follows 👇

A big well done goes out to all students & student organisations on their excellence this year 😁

Keep doing what you're doing 🙌

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