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KSU Launch Brand New Campaign In Aid Of Mental Health, Gender Equality & Fighting Drug Abuse 🥰

Student Initiatives ❤️

Last week, the brand new Your FuturEU Campaign was launched by KSU at the Mediterranean Conference Center, which is co-financed by the European Union.

Speaking of the EU, this initiative is actually trying to achieve a greater dialogue between the EU and it's citizens - in order to bring real-life context to resolutions & policy papers in the European Parliament.


Your FuturEU has 3 Sub-campaigns focusing on the general wellbeing of students & young adults:

A big emphasis was to provide support to problems directly caused by the pandemic, as there were 3 main issues which spiked during the pandemic.

The disease outbreak caused much fear and job loss which were a strong contributor to mental health issues, which is already problematic as is. Also, boredom & anxiety drastically increased cannabis & alcohol consumption, and gender-based violence was rampant.

In light of the above, KSU came up with 3 sub-campaigns:

#1 - Beyond The Influence: aimed at raising awareness on drug use, abuse by young adults, illicit drug activity, drugs’ effects on the body and mind, the effectiveness of drug treatment and rehabilitation, enhancing law enforcement, judicial cooperation and legislation within the EU, and fundamentally, the national and European impact of drug use.

#2 - The Future Is Equal: the main aims are to challenge gender stereotypes & advocate for the economic, financial and political equality of the sexes.

#3 - Mind Your Health: This campaign is divided into 3 main pillars. These being Mental Health Awareness, Dealing with Mental Health and Beyond COVID-19: A European Mental Health Strategy - focused on aiding the youth forced into isolation due to COVID-19.

These campaigns will be pushed online, however, KSU intend to instil awareness on campus too. Across the whole campaign, there'll be:

Social media content






Policy paper.

The aim is to not only launch these campaigns on a local university level, but also on a national and European level.


Bonus: Want To Get Involved Right Now? 🙏

MMSA are hosting an online event today from 5 PM - 9 PM, in collaboration with KSU

This panel discussion is titled ‘The Drug Effect I - The Body & Mind’ and will be discussing the topic of drug use from the medical health point of view.

The panel discussion including several medical professional guest speakers, and will be based on raising awareness on the effects of drug use on the body and mind, the way drug use affects one’s performance in his or her daily tasks, work, studies, sports and fitness, & enhancing the effectiveness of drug treatment & rehabilitation in order to reduce drug use.

This panel is the second from a series of four panel discussions, so if you miss this event, don't worry, there are more to come!


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