• Ryan Calleja Urry

KSU Freshers' Week CANCELLED Following The Banning Of Mass Events In Malta 🚨

KSU have announced that, following a spike in COVID cases and the banning of mass events, Freshers' Week at the University of Malta has officially been cancelled.

KSU President Matthew Xuereb said the decision had been made by the council to cancel the event "following the recent rise in cases and the evident volatility of the COVID-19 pandemic in Malta."

The event was expected to be held between October the 19th and 23rd, acting as

a welcome party to students, helping them get accustomed to the campus & culture.

The KSU council did not exclude the possibility that an alternate Freshers' Week could be organised without physical gatherings, possibly one that is held online.

"I understand this drastic measure will affect many student organisations, as KSU we are doing our best to find a safe alternative for all," Xuereb said. 

With regards to the increasing number of cases, Charmaine Gauci is expected to resume her public briefings this afternoon. We urge all our students to stay safe in these hectic times.

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