• Ryan Calleja Urry

KSU Announce 2021 Students' Fest & Release Brand New Teaser Trailer 👀

Lights, Camera...🎬

If you weren't already aware, The Students' Fest is a yearly event organised by KSU, which takes a classic play or musical like Hairspray for example, and adds some local flair.

They add in some characters based on current affairs, some Maltese banter sprinkled in here and there and even custom made songs...

The New Trailer 🎥

After much anticipation from students, who were wondering whether or not this year's Students' Fest would take place due to COVID complications, it's finally official!

KSU took to their Facebook Page and posted the Students' Fest 2021 official trailer 😲

The trailer, which you can watch here, serves as a teaser for the show's theme, featuring a young lady walking into a bar, where she finds a guitarist jamming to a crowd.

This trailer has brought with it plenty of speculation regarding what the show could be about, with many saying We Will Rock You or Footloose are big possibilities!

Will You Be Watching? 🤔

The KSU Students' Fest usually takes place before Easter, so stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding tickets & performance dates.

Are you a fan of plays & musicals? Hoping to see We Will Rock You with a local Maltese twist? We definitely are! 🥳

Will you be watching? 👀

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