Junior College Students Receive Discounts On Hot Drinks If They Bring Their Own Travel Mugs ♻️ ☕️

  • In an effort to reduce the use of plastic disposable cups, KSJC has partnered with the Junior College Canteen as well as Lemon Lime & Orange to offer a discounted price for students who present their own cup when ordering a hot drink 🤝

  • This initiative comes as part of the KSJC Green Policy & is valid right now. Aside from this new travel mug scheme KSJC have organised three clean-ups last year in 2019, as well as placed organic bins around the Junior College premises & held online green awareness campaigns.

  • KSJC believes that there's still a long way to go though, "We have already started working on introducing new bike racks at Junior College, planting more trees in different JC areas, battery recycling bins & monetary incentives to students who plan on purchasing a bike,” they said ♻️