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Junior College Introduces NEW Booking System For 'Quiet Areas' And Heres How It Works !!

Life Made Easy 😌

JC has introduced a new booking system in order for students to book a room for them to be more comfortable during online lessons in school 🏫 The booking system should make life easier and smoother means you can always get to your room and they can track COVID cases better 👏🤩

How It Works 🤔

Here's a breakdown on how you can book a room;

  • Select the room you are interested to book for one hour from the JC website, only a specific room can be booked, they can be distinguished by the ones which have hyperlinks on the website 💻

  • If you need the area for longer than an hour, then you need to submit a booking for every hour that you want it ⏱️

  • Once you submit your booking you will receive a notification with your booking. You need to keep this handy on your devices as evidence of your booking 👀

  • If you don't have this proof will not be allowed to stay in a quiet area and may lead to their suspension 😖

  • Book your place in a quiet area in advance, ideally a day or more before 📅

Conditions to use The Quiet Areas 🤫

  1. The use of earphones/microphones is compulsory

  2. Be considerate to others around you, ie. not too noisy, etc. 🤪

  3. Social distancing must be respected at all times.

  4. Before you use these spaces it is important that you download the COVID-19 contact tracing app 😷 The app - COVID Alert Malta - is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play. It will let users know if they have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for the COVID-19

  5. Students need to book a space beforehand using the links below. Each room is booked for an hour, so if you need the same room for longer you will need to submit a booking for every hour. This is done so that use of the area is organized into hours to facilitate contact tracing.

  6. Anyone caught using a Quiet Area without a booking will face consequences that may include suspension 😶

If you are looking for which rooms are available for booking here's a quick breakdown👇

Block C 🔥

Block D 🏫

Other Areas 😍

For More info from JC click here

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