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Join The Global Movement! Deloitte Is Offering New Opportunities To Join Their Talented Team 🤩

A Great Track Record ⭐️

Deloitte is a global company with BIG opportunities.

With over 286,000 employees globally in 150 countries, it’s natural that they appreciate the value diversity can bring to their organisation, which is why they aim to inspire and encourage all their people to be successful no matter what their culture or background.

Join The Movement 👇

When joining Deloitte, you'll benefit from a powerful, global network of talented professionals who thrive in a collaborative environment.

The community & culture that Deloitte have built is their greatest asset. The people you'll meet will support you not just in your job duties, but in your path as you advance through the company, and through your whole career.

It's safe to say that the challenges of 2020 forced many companies to adapt and change. For Deloitte, this meant sticking to their core beliefs and safeguarding their community. This led to the start of a new journey towards a better tomorrow - with all of their teams intact.

Want To Get Qualified? Get Your ACCA At Deloitte 🤩

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a fast-growing global professional accountancy body with over 100 years of experience. It's made up of over 540,000 students and members in 170 countries.

These impressive numbers mean that an ACCA certification is recognised internationally, and will earn you respect and influence around the world - from employers within the industry to the entire industry itself.

When receiving ACCA training from Deloitte, you'll be supported continuously through your journey. Not only will you gain invaluable work experience, you'll even benefit from a super flexible framework that allows you to work around your own schedule.

On signing an agreement with Deloitte, you'll benefit from:

- Full-time employment & fully paid tuition fees with any training academy of your choice 🤑

- Study leave given for each exam 😲

- An efficient study experience with dedicated lecture halls, equipped with top of the line facilities throughout 💻

- The in-house mentorship programme whereby in house professionals are available to mentor & support students for each exam 🤩

- Deloitte training sessions on relevant topics for a many different skills, free of charge 👩‍🏫

- An attractive remuneration package which includes: a competitive starting salary, health insurance, childcare subsidies, regular social and networking events, subsidised professional memberships and CPE training 🙌

Want To Start Your Journey? 🤔

Eligibilitys as follows:

  • Students who have minimum of two 'A' Levels in any subject (with grades A, B or C) and a minimum of three 'O' Levels, which must include Maths and English;


  • Graduates who possess a first degree in any field (preferably 2nd upper or higher).

Visit the career's section of Deloitte's website to find out more 💚

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