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Job Glossary: Here's A List Of Definitions You'll Need To Know Before Getting Hired 😇

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Fresh On The Scene? 👀

If you're facing your first real job, you might be a little stressed out by all the different terms flying at you left and right.

To help alleviate your worries, we've come up with a comprehensive list of definitions to cover your bases & give you the confidence you need for your first week!

The Glossary 👇

N.I. - This is an acronym for National Insurance, and refers to a type of social security contribution in Malta. National Insurance payments are mandatory from people who earn an income which is paid to the government, this later grants entitlement to future benefits.

Tax Brackets - These are the different tiers and categories that individuals with different incomes fall into. The more you earn, the higher tax bracket you will fall into, and so the more you will be taxed. This works vice versa too.

Hierarchy - This exists within every job, and refers to the different levels within a firm. For example, the call agents report to the supervisors which report to the CEOs. Hierarchy is essentially the structure of power and responsibility within the company.

Employment Contract - An employment contract is a legal document that lays out the terms & conditions of employment between a company and an employee. It may include compensation information, primary responsibilities, termination and other information.

Definite Contract - This refers to a fixed-term contract whereby an employment contract has an agreed-upon end date.

Indefinite Contract - This is a contract of employment with no set end date, one that continues until either the employee or employer ends it.

Benefits - These are additional bonuses that an employer offers outside of payment, including things like health insurance, tuition assistance, stock options & paid leave.

Deductions - the amounts taken out of an employee's pay, which lower taxable income.

Dismissal - this is when an employee is terminated against their will. A dismissal can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from performance-related issues to behavioural issues.

Leave - Leave is when an employee has permission to be absent from work. Some examples of this are: maternity leave, annual leave or parental leave.

Annual Leave - Annual leave refers to the amount of time an employee is permitted to be away from their work within a year's time, as part of their employment contract.

Soft Skills - These are are a set of behaviours and personality traits that help facilitate human connections in and out of the workplace. They are essential for building relationships, successfully leading teams and creating opportunities for advancement.

Hard Skills - On the other hand, these are skills and abilities which can be taught and quantified. These are usually learned in a classroom or through on-the-job work experience.

Onboarding - the initial learning process where new employees acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective members of that particular organization.

Hiring Manager - responsible for hiring new employees, a hiring manager will also typically serve as the new employee's direct manager, at least to begin with.

Human Resources - Human resources (HR) is a department responsible for managing employee-related affairs - such as company culture, performance, onboarding, salary and benefits. HR tends to also be responsible for hiring, firing, job interviews etc...

Hope That Helped 💙

Hopefully you're a little bit more knowledgeable about what's to come now. We suggest you still do your own research and ask friends & family for some help though!

Make sure you're fully prepared before putting on that uniform 😉

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