Italy Quarantines 16 Million People & Introduces Nationwide Ban On All Schools & Universities 😳

The Italian government has ordered all schools & universities to close nationwide until April 3rd, as a means of fighting back against Europe’s worst outbreak of coronavirus, which has claimed 107 lives so far.

These mark the most strict containment measures outside of Asia so far.

We are focused on taking all measures for direct containment or delaying the spread of the virus” - Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

The virus has now spread to all but one of Italy’s 20 regions, with 1,497 cases in Lombardy, followed by 516 in Emilia-Romagna and 345 in Veneto.

The country has recorded a total of 3,090 cases since the outbreak began.

Operators of Napoli Servizi sanitise the San Paolo stadium in Naples on Tuesday.

In the regions worst hit by the emergency, cinemas and theatres are being closed and the government is seriously considering a nationwide ban.

Closing schools is set to have enormous consequences for Italian families.

Those who cannot count on relatives to look after their children will have to take time off work, meaning a drop in productivity across all of Italy & enormous economic repercussions.

The Italian economy has already been badly damaged by the outbreak, with warnings that the tourism sector could suffer a massive €7.4 billion in losses.

The Italian government also confirmed that all major sporting events, including Serie A football, would be played behind closed doors due to the outbreak until the 3rd of April.


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