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Introducing The Brand New S.A.C. Student Council For 2020/2021 🥳

Meet the team! ❤️

In case you weren't aware, S.A.C. Council are a group of students elected every year, who act as a bridge between the Saint Aloysius administration & the Saint Aloysius students.

This bridge of communication aims to give a voice to student concerns, fears and desires - allowing the school to constantly improve and grow as a community.


Introducing SAC Student Council for the scholastic year 2020-2021:

President: Nikki Saliba

Vice President: Julia Gauci

Public Relations Officer: Nathan Portelli

Vice Public Relations Officer: Sean Azzopardi

Treasurer: Neil Bezzina

Vice Treasurer: Bradley Cachia

Secretary/Eco-Liaison Officer: Maria Kristina Caruana

Vice Secretary: Martina Cortis

Apart from following through with all their relative roles, the council will also take the reigns on managing a number of exciting events for students - creating a dynamic environment that makes sure student life is as enjoyable as possible.

In the past, events like quiz nights, movie nights, fundraisers, dress-up days, as well as seasonal parties for Christmas or Easter.


You Can Make A Difference! 🥰

The ultimate goal of the S.A.C. Council is to put their students' ideas into action. Have any ideas? Send them a private message on their Facebook page! You'd be surprised, you can influence an entire school with just one idea 😉

You can follow their Instagram account here 😊


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